Discussion on: What is your biggest 'red flag' when interviewing?

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In my area I've actually had a couple of interviewers commend me on "interviewing then as hard as they did me". Not all interviewers appreciate this and that is a red flag to me. I personally feel that the interview is not just where a company finds out of they want to on board, but also for you to find out if you want to work there. If the interviewers start squirming under questions about company culture (especially if they've recently been acquired), work schedule flexibility, how conflict is handled and what the "chain of command" is, who is responsible for what, etc I begin making for the door.

I look for traits in hiring managers like accountability, honesty, directness, candor, and response to having questions asked about why they do things the way they do. If I see evasiveness or catch dishonesty, I walk away. That is why doing some "recon" on your company of choice is so important. Check their reviews on Glassdoor and actually read them, look at the profiles of them employees on LinkedIn and Twitter, Google news about them and read the articles that result. You need to do this because trust me, they are doing that to you.

It's a two way street all the way. They need to prove they are worthy of your excellent skillset, passion, and love of the craft just as much as they need to prove you are worthy of a paycheck. In my eyes, you can get a paycheck anywhere, but there is only one you. They need to earn you.

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So very true. Interviews are two-way. They want your talent, you want there benefits. It has to work for everyone involved.