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Project X - A Linux Gateway

This is a web project I have slowly planned for months, as a gateway to Linux distributions, something that has not quite been done. I mean we have blogs that you can wait 24 years to get on / pay a boat-load of money to be an instant winner. Those blogs, and let's be honest I mean, have their design from 1999 and never updated since. Okay that is a lie, they started 2001 and it took a random click into 2003 to get a more modern look. The point still stands.

What is Project-X's real name

Currently undecided, and we don't care to have one for quite some time. Even getting the domain and stuff, we will be using the temporary name of "DistroEmporium" but this will not be the official long-term name.

What is the goal of Project-X

Get a real place where people can find distributions of Linux, BSD, and other OS's. Most of the information and things we will take will come from Distrowatch until we can self sustain.

How to help with Project-X

If you want to help, contact, that is my email. I will not be yet making a listing on as I still have a lot of work to deal with before I can ask for more help.

Will Project-X have any domains

The only domains planned to be used are the domain and (plus we got all the other free domains from Freenom) - DO NOT TRUST ANY:

  • Twitter Account
  • Website domain that we do not recognize (including if we lose the free ones) in this article. We will make sure to notify if/when we lose domains.
  • GitHub page that doesn't have my Github profile as public. Currently on this org
  • Facebook page
  • Anything else anywhere else

When will Project-X be available?

Not known at this time.

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