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Look At B2B Marketing Statistics To Stimulate Your Business

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In this post, we are going to offer you a glimpse in the world of B2B marketing where some business statistics are crucial in running an enterprise because the threat of increasing competition from technologically advanced companies is extremely high. 

Thus, to survive in this cut-throat competition where start-ups emerge each day, it is highly important for a digital marketer to comprehend the needs of the audience before launching a product or service in the digital market.  

What has been the buyer’s experience?

After researching new products and services, even today B2B buyers often make an average of at least 12 online searches and perform search for the similar digital experience. 

Why can nobody easily identify who is the actual buyer?

Act Smart, Gain Fast- Moreover, 81% of non C-suite executives prefer to give decisions while making purchase decisions. In other words, it simply means that as a B2B marketer, you need to offer an online experience that not only captures the attention of all the set of people who are involved in the buying process. 

You should definitely take a look at the following B2B statistics as well as inbound marketing statistics too where the insights would help marketers to drive a complete B2B marketing strategy

Know some of the best B2B digital marketing statistics

  • More than 57% of the B2B buyer purchases the product at the first meeting with a representative. 
  • Nearly 90% of the B2B buyers often twist and turn at different sales funnels and this has been reported by the CMO in 2019. 
  • Even in the industrial and manufacturing industries nearly 67% of purchases are duly influenced by digital. 

Perhaps this is a reason why buyers are conducting more detailed ROI analysis before creating any purchase decision and the estimated percentage of buyers involved in its conduction are measured to be around 77%. 

Data Analysis of the Buying Decisions

More than 80% of the B2B buying decisions are formed on the buyer’s direct as well as indirect customer experience and only 20% is based on the price of the actual offering. 

The weighing reasons why business buyers have limited engagement with B2B vendors’ lies in the fact that marketers prefer to send irrelevant content which is measured to near around 34%. 

Suggestion of the Google Reports

  • From the report of Google published in 2015, it has stated that nearly 46% of the B2B researchers as well as buyers are millennial. 
  • Whereas in the other report published by Google in 2018 states that nearly 67% of purchases are for multiple industrial manufacturing and shipping industries. 

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Rise In SmartPhone Usage-The usage of cellular devices to accomplish B2B marketing tasks  is expected to increase from two hours a day to three and it is reported by the GenZ magazine. Increase in Revenue- Moreover, it has also led to a sharp incline in the usage of smartphones by older workers.

Facts Related to Mobile Marketing Statistics from the Google and BCG 

  • Chances of High Generation Revenue-In one of the published reports by Google, it has stated that more than 40% of revenue in leading B2B companies is generated through digital marketing techniques. 
  • Search Queries-Nearly 50% of B2B search queries which are made on smart-phones will increase to 70% by the end of the year in 2020. 
  • High Mobile Users-According to the Boston Consulting Group, mobile marketing has been accelerated by 20% in the matters of B2B purchases. Nearly 80% of the B2B buyers prefer to use the mobile devices that assist them in creating demands. 
  • Rapid Inclination in B2B Buying-In the year 2017, BCG also reported that nearly 70% of the B2B buyers have started to rely more upon the usage of mobile devices whereas 60% of the expected buyers have started to purchase goods through mobile usage. 
  • B2B Purchases-In the same year, 60% of B2B buyers have reported that mobile carries a greater role in the current purchases made by B2B buyers. 
  • Increase in Mobile Internet Data Usage-Just like the research analysis of Google, BCG also predicted that the use of mobile will increase from two hours a day to three hours a day by the end of this year. 
  • Revisits of Viewers-If the buying experience of B2B buyers is really good and it fully satisfied all their needs then there are chances that nearly 90% of the buyers out of the B2B market segment revisit the same commercial site again. 
  • Assist in Marketing Research-In large size organizations, more than 92% of senior executives have given more weight to business whereas 77% of these executives rely heavily on smart phones while researching and preparing business cycles for their clients. 
  • Facilitation of Online Conferences-The report presented by BCG has concluded that nearly 93% of the working professionals in all sizes of organizations prefer mobile internet while conducting online meetings. 
  • Higher Degree in Purchase of Things-Out of the given percentage of working professionals, a handful measure nearly 50% of the employees use mobile internet to purchase things online. 
  • Rise in The Purchases-An offshore multi-national company IDG global solution has claimed that nearly 13% of the purchases made by the buyers lie in the range of USD1, 000 to USD4, 999. 
  • Fuels Research-The company has also revealed the data where more than 80% of the B2B executives research for products and services that are available on the screen of a tablet. 

B2B Website Design Statistics

Nearly 45% of the people prefer for personalized content portals, read to know more. 

Designs are Lifelines-The MarketingProfs, a global business magazine has done in-depth analysis of nearly 46% viewers leaving the website at first sight if it fails to attract them or even leave a message whereas 37% of them don’t prefer to revisit again because of the poor design. 

Dependence on Live-Chat Widget-It also reported that nearly 22% of the fastest growing B2B companies rely heavily upon the live-chat widget on their website. 

Optimization of Websites-It also reported that more than 42% of companies are possessed with mobile-optimized websites. 

Increase in Sales-From the personalised web-experience of many B2B marketers, it has been found that there is a sharp increase in the sale of their goods by 19%. 

What suggestions have been given by KoMarketing?

Another popular e-Commerce website naming KoMarketing has revealed that more than 44% of B2B marketers prefer to abandon their websites in case there is availability of no contact information. 

Insightful Information-This website has also revealed that more than 86% of the B2B marketers prefer to see products and services on the vendors’ website homepage, whereas 52% of the B2B marketers like to know more about the company’s information, where 27% of the people like to see testimonials only and 23% of them prefer to read marketing collateral. 

Technical Support-A near around 59% of B2B marketers prefer to see the technical support of the websites because it helps them to access the fraction of accurate pricing. 

Fulfil Form Requirements-Nearly 69% of the B2B buyers have indicated that the excess form field requirements are required to deter them from completing the contact form whereas 65% of others prefer to submit form stating “too much personal information”. 

B2B Email Marketing Statistics

Mobile-Email Opens-In the year 2018, Campaign Monitor surveyed that IT, B2B, and whole-sale companies often comprise the weakest mobile-email opens whereas TV, Radio and Film Enterprises carry the strongest mobile email opens. 

Next-gen Efforts-According to the Content Marketing Institute, nearly 79% of the B2B marketers hold the ability of crediting the most-effective distribution channel for demand gen-efforts. 

Prefer Solicited Emails-Another report by the reported ITSMA in the year 2019 reported that more than 78% of the executives prefer to carry an unsolicited email that prescribes a face to face meeting as well as event attendance at some point. 

This report also reported that B2B marketers prefer to witness an average of more than 760% in the rising revenue from customized, segmented email campaigns. 

B2B Lead Generation Statistics  

A Rise in Business Operations-The leading e-commerce site Nurture has reported that there will be a sharp rise of about 81% of the entire business operations through blog-posts and it will be critical to lead generation.

Increase in Leads-Marketing Charts, an online-company came-up with the report that events occurring in the cycle of B2B operations are capable of giving informative insights to the executives and in other way round, they will increase leads. 

Assists in Generating Revenues-Three years from now, Ring Lead, a leading giant tech firm reported that nearly 85% of the B2B marketers are likely to suggest that lead generation is labelled as the most important content marketing goal. 

SEO Tools-Another rising tech-firm by the name of Marketing Charts reported that nearly 57% of the B2B marketers are dependent upon the SEO leads other than any other tools. 

Generation of Leads-A known tech-rival firm Junto in the same year revealed a surprising fact that nearly 57% of the B2B marketers look for the SEO tools to generate more leads apart from any other marketing initiative. 

The generations’ old marketing company Marketo spurt out another piece of information revealing the exact percentage of B2B business acquiring leads is near to 68%. 


Doing marketing is the child’s play, it converges a deeper demand for one to engage customers with plethora of marketing techniques, it is more of science and less of art. Because the beautification of websites can catch the eyes but a good communication skills is the only tool to strike a chord with the targeted audience. 

Understand the psychology of a buyer- If you are stuck at traditional buying then you are gone with the wind but if there is a small iota of seeded thought, then you will prefer non-conventional approach. It is a dissimilar type of approach that pushes one to think and comprehend more about the current happenings in the business. 




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