What are the best learning sites for Salesforce lightning training?

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Salesforce is considered to be the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that happened to be on the globe. There are many features which have been introduced and integrated by the giant IT firms; that further helps in boosting the statistics of sales, services, marketing, etc. But for this, you need to have particular professionals to process this integration known as Salesforce.
In December 2015, the company established an evolution in its products known as “Lightning”. Considering all the needs of a Salesforce in mind such as non-coding, the company came up with a new component-based framework called Lightening. It approaches the Lightning Component Framework, along with exciting tools. It helps in creating a responsive application in a much better way for any device to work or acquire.


In Salesforce, the term lightning means the way you would perform integration in a very simple way. The lightning element in Salesforce offers a framework between a client and server; that helps in accelerating development and the performance of an application at the same time. With Lightning Application Builder, it puts together all custom-build lightning component and making it possible to do without coding and more quickly.

Salesforce Lightning Features

Salesforce Lightning makes an experience more happening and a changed way for managing your business. So, here are the Salesforce features of CRM that make you’re working well-informed and in a better way. Following are the Salesforce lightning features:

1. Customizable Home Pages

Customizable HomePages is one of the main features of Lightning. By just going to Set up > Lightning App Builder > New > Select Homepage >, a user will be able to drag and drop the Lightning components on the page with the chosen format.
When Salesforce Classic was used, you must have seen that the user had many limits concerning all the personalized needs on the homepage. To move a task, it was very important to write code or Visualforce to take place.

Personalized Experience- It gets easy for administrators to simplify the user’s task. The custom home page can be created basically for the sales team, marketing team, and customer service representatives. Different types of profiles get assigned by the pages been created.
Appropriate Information- To make things work at more ease for employees or coworkers, one should make sure that information that is required for an employee should be made available on time or at the time of need.

2. Lightning Console Apps

This app was mainly designed to get better productivity and effectiveness. Apps such as out-of-the-box or customized apps can be used to meet the needs of your users. Administrators mainly work on multiple tasks. With the help of a console application, you can work on many records at one time and make sure you align your workspace to get maximum productivity and effectiveness.
One of the main benefits of using this app is that user’s work can automatically be saved; so if the customer in some situation leaves the page and want to go back on that very page, the user can continue the same work from where they left. As compared to Salesforce Classic, there will be no need to open several browser tabs, you could see all the tabs and related work at one screen.

Salesforce Lightning Developer Salary

The average Salesforce Lightning Developer salary is $141,375 per year or $72.50 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $100,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $195,000 per year. The main role and responsibility of a Salesforce Lightning Developer are to build custom lightning components according to client requirements and needs.

Best Learning Site for Salesforce Lightning

For rapid growth and technology in your business, you should opt for the salesforce Lightning Training with JanBask Training. Lightning has changed throughout the market; to increase the productivity of the business and also to come up with new tools for users to get fixed with the help of Lightning Salesforce. Your Next Action should be to enroll for Salesforce Lightning Developer Training. It is better to go for online platforms like JanBask Training. They provide excellent training in the field. They cover specific concepts and skills that you will need if you have to accelerate your Salesforce Lightning Developer Career for the year 2020.
The platform can give you the much-needed push in your career. They have a very updated syllabus. They give you practical training too. You will get a lot of exposure to industry cases and will work on a lot of projects to hone your skills.


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