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Discussion on: A Love Letter to .NET

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Kamran Ayub

I've been using .NET since around the same time! Even though full-time I focus on full-stack JavaScript/TypeScript, I run a website built on .NET. Now the issue is I am migrating to .NET Core so that I can run on Linux which will save me on cost but also I've become a pretty big fan of the JAMStack architecture so ideally I'd like to remove the MVC tier and switch to only an API and perhaps use Next.js for the frontend (which allows me to scale to SSR in the future if needed).

After using TypeScript so much now though, I find myself wanting a lot of the type features in C#. I know I could use F# but to be honest it can be really hard to interop with C# libraries. F# is good as a consuming language in an app but less-so as a library language.