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i was digging the nice prosemirror module, which implements immutability at the core of an html wysiwyg editor. That module uses two core immutability concepts:

  • states (immutable, two states cannot be merged)
  • transactions (propagates changes to other states, can accumulate)

When using it and reading the docs, i was struck by how these two concepts are perfectly implemented as:

  • matter (fermions, two particules cannot be in the same state)
  • interactions (bosons, propagates changes to fermions, can "accumulate" too)

The analogy seems to be so deep i didn't yet found the bottom of it.
Even the way we describe the universe uses the concept of immutability :)


I'm not sure if I know enough about the physics you're talking about. I do remember that Haskell's source control system used quantum entanglement math to model the interaction of patches.


Precisely: it follows (well, almost) directly from the non-commutativity of the interaction particles (which propagate state change). It's crazy shit !

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