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The Challenges I Face While Working Remotely And How I Am Overcoming Them

During the course of my career as a web developer, not once have I faced a job that requires me to work with a team remotely, I have always worked close to my clients and the closest I got to remote work was by phone calls and text messaging. However when I got into Andela rollup program, things took a different angle for me, because I never really worked in remote teams before, and in the rollup, almost everything seems to be carried out remotely.

In this post, I’ll take you through the challenges I faced while working remotely during the rollup program and solutions you have come up with so far..

Having no experience in this field, I faced some challenges at first but as I continue to work remotely with my team, I’m getting better everyday. That being said, let me work you through my challenges working remotely so far.

The Challenges

  • Lack of a proper workspace

  • Limited access to quality internet connectivity

  • Doing things other than writing code: As a software developer, I’m used to just writing and deploying code in the cloud without going through all the testing and documenting everything you do. In the rollup I spend most of the time writing tests, that is new for me and also challenging.

  • Working in a team: Spending too long working alone, taking responsibility for everything I do and making decisions without consulting anyone else made me feel like I had to do everything on my own, that changed in the rollup when I started working with people which is also new for me.

Overcoming the challenges

  • Doing things other than writing code: Even though this takes time and a lot of effort, I have come to understand the beauty of it and got used to it. One of the benefits of this is writing quality code that anyone can review and understand fast without consulting me the person who wrote the code.

  • Working in a team: One of the benefits of working in a team I have experienced so far is how fast one can get help from teammates when they need it. I got used to working with other people very fast thanks to my very supporting team.

As for a proper workspace and limited access to quality internet connection, unfortunately this is still an issue for me.

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