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Haml #1 #10day introduction..

Today is the first day about Haml hello, my name is karim coda.
This article is about web design whereas web design is some languages we use it to made websites and to be realistic here are some resources to information about web design

There are three important languages we use in web design so it is



When you learn these languages do you think you have become a professional designer....

There are several techniques in these languages that help you to extend and clariy the design and make the code clear
Example haml scss sass...

Do you wanna know once it is haml

Haml is Html preprocessor

Haml is a markup language predominantly used with Ruby that cleanly and simply describes the Html of any web document without the of inline code.

The end wait the next post it has many examples of haml and thank you for reading this bye and I hope you your days will be a success

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