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Local time of employees in Notion

Companies that have many employees working remotely, it's important to know the time of employees in their local time zone.

Unfortunately, Notion doesn't have a function to display UTC time, but a little magic and here's the formula:

formatDate(dateAdd(dateSubtract(now(), toNumber(formatDate(now(), "Z")), "hours"), prop("UTC"), "hours"), "HH:mm")
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UTC is the column that contains the difference between the employee's local time and Greenwich Mean Time. In the table, this column can be hidden.

The formula is used to get the UTC time:

dateSubtract(now(), toNumber(formatDate(now(), "Z")), "hours")
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The magic is hidden here: formatDate(now(), "Z"), Z is the time zone in ISO 8601. Our timezone is subtracted from our local time, thus obtaining UTC (GMT) time.

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