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Discussion on: Why I Quit a $500K Job at Amazon to Work for Myself

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Gerasimos (Makis) Maropoulos • Edited

I am younger but I had to leave a job twice, the loses from the last one was 60K Euro in shares if I stayed one more month and 48K Euro salary. A small amount of $$ for west but in Greece is considered a decent one, especially for a 25years old person and for such short time. I feel that both of my decisions were correct. A company must keep the developers motivated on interesting projects and push them to their high potentials otherwise the developer can leave and continue by starting a project of her/his own and be more succeed and competitive. I am lucky because for the past three years I maintain a project of 15k stars on github(you can check it out at: with very high number of installations per day so I speak from a "safe" place but I really mean it, without risks you can't fill your dreams.

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