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Discussion on: Intro to Arduino

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Hi! I found your article. I was looking for info on Arduinos and came across yours. I'm new to Arduinos, but my husband has one (given to him by his company), and I want to play around w/it. Side note: I did want to mention that I, too, graduated from a bootcamp (Lambda school) and I live in Colorado! I just started a new job as a software engineer! Anyways, I am wanting to learn more about Robotics ('cause my company's product is a Robot- I work on some Robot code but mainly back-end inventory management that the Robot works with). I thought using Arduinos would help me get better at understanding robots. I would like to make a Robot too! BTW have you attended any local Arduino workshops? I know Longmont maker's space had some for a while.

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Kyle Trahan Author

Hi Kate! Very cool, I started playing with Arduinos a little bit after I graduated last November! Thats awesome you attended lamba, I have heard good things about them. And congratulations on finding a job! Still searching here, but I know something will come along eventually.

I never even thought to look into Arduino workshops, have you attended any? That sounds really interesting.