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The fact that you think soft skills == "smooth talking" shows that you don't really understand what soft skills are. I also feel pretty bad for your coworkers who write your front-end components, since you seem to think that work (and, by extension, those who do that work) are somehow "lesser" than you. In general, I think your comment was pretty mean-spirited and unnecessary, and I'm not sure what it adds to the conversation.

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Does the username "Big bad wolf" give you any indication of niceness? Let the asshole have his day, move on and enjoy life. Wagering skill on a degree is a losers bet.

The problem is that people take a degree over experience. Experience is worth so much more than a 22 year old fresh out of school. And I will defend that argument...you need one or the other. Experience has the benefit that is something you have done vs something you paid money to be taught.


I'm sorry, do you think that someone who can only write front end components and someone who can architect and implement an entire system end-to-end are the same? Of course the ones who have limited knowledge and ability are the "lesser" ones... they get paid as such also. Or is this now discrimination?

My comment may be mean to people who don't have degrees in CS, but I would argue the entire article is mean to everyone who does. Saying that it's awesome to not have a degree because you can make up for that in bootcamps, one, it's generally false, as the only way to make up for lack of 4 years of formal education is 4 years of informal education (can't do it in 9 months), and if you spend 4 years doing bootcamps to make up for it, may as well get a degree (the cost will be similar too), two, it tries to devalue a CS degree so when anyone who's considering one reads it, they may believe they're actually better off without one, and consequently, not get it, and three, how can you know the value of a CS degree if you don't have one?! It's like me saying a PhD in CS is worthless, but I only have MSc.

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