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Discussion on: Service Workers at Cloudflare

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K (he/him) Author

Guess people have different opinions about where the edge is, haha.

Some say it's the edge of their infrastructure.

Some say it's mobile devices.

Some say it's embedded devices.

Everybody wants to claim the edge :D

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Jonathan Bosanac • Edited on

That is my point, it is confusing.

The "edge" is just the modern equivalent to DMARC or MPOE. There is a whole lot of network between your nearest proxy and the device.

As your company acquired Neumob, your network edge is not the proxy nearest to the device but the device itself.

I face the edge term challenge in presenting my company nuu:bit. We are software platform focused on content delivery and service chaining. We enable infrastructure providers to offer similar services (white label, etc). I have found that using edge compute to describe FaaS or serverless causes too much confusion.


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K (he/him) Author

Oh, I'm in no way associated with Cloudflare :)

But thank's for the insight, I think clear naming is important too.