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Prettier formats it like that:

const validateInput = ({ field1, field2, field3 }) =>
    ? Promise.reject("Missing field1")
    : !Array.isArray(field2)
    ? Promise.reject("field2 is not an array")
    : !isValidType(field3)
    ? Promise.reject("field3 is invalid")
    : Promise.resolve();

Looks okay to me.

This looks a bit more readable to me, but that's just habit, I guess:

const validateInput = ({ field1, field2, field3 }) =>
  new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    if (!field) return reject("Missing field1");
    if (!Array.isArray(field2)) return reject("field2 is not an array");
    if (!isValidType(field3)) return reject("field3 is invalid");

It seems verbose to have to do if... return.. for each one, but I find this much more readable.

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