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Yes, JavaScript can be scary.

When I had my OOP class in Computer Science, we were told there are two types of OOP, one based on classes and one of prototypes, but the prototype one isn't spread too wide. Well, the professor didn't count JS as "real" language and so he didn't went into any detail about prototypes and went full on Java and C#.

Then there is the mostly asynchronous nature of JS, the higher order functions, the lambdas, the closures, the monads, the context based "this" and not to forget the crap-load of history over the decades.

I would not consider myself a very smart man and I still "got" JavaScript someday.

Just do it step by step, you don't need everything to get started. Heck, you don't even need everything to get finished, I mean many concepts weren't part of the languages to begin with and still people wrote nice applications with it. :)

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