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Discussion on: What should you do after you fail the technical interview?

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Mate, there is no PASS / FAIL, in a interview.
U take an interview as a learning experience.
When u fail it hurts, yes it will defo hurt.
But if u r determined , does it matter ?

There is no quickfire solution to success.

Be grateful, u got the opportunity and were courageous enough to make 'The attempt'.

You wont believe , when i was a fresher i took interview after interview, i used to keep a log of the interview questions,

Interestingly there was a pattern in all the interviews.

For programming jobs, tech test first, your projects or portfolio next, then u clear HR at last.

I had to take 6 interviews and struck gold in my 7th,which was a promising start up.
Sadly, i stayed there for 7 weeks, bcos they didnt know what they were doing.
I moved from the startup, to a Multinational company and there was no looking back from then on

Just keep in ur mind Mate, companies are starved for good developers. 'YOU' can be one of them to help them accomplish business success.

Just keep trying , even if u fail, keep logs , u will crack it sooner than i have done.

Its all business at the the end of the day, if you dont fit in one of them, u will defo find another one.