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Discussion on: C# and .NET Core Appreciation Post. The most beautiful piece of code I have ever seen... this month!

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Ken in NH

Ah. I did not know what _context was and I was not aware you were using EF. I assumed _context was some kind of property bag or class you controlled. So, the answer is no you would not have a UsersByToken property on your DbContext and it would not map to the database. Instead it should be a local field/property in your login class. Now that I understand you are making round trips to the database, you will find IDictionary<> to be even more efficient than your current code, but you will need a fall back to retrieving the user from the database if it is not found associated the provided token in your dictionary.

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Beautus S Gumede Author

Thank you for this. Seems like IDictionary and IQueryable are my best bet for getting the most out of EF