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Responsive Web Design

Last Sen night, I was looking into the importance of responsive design. If you are not in the know, I will let you know the importance of implementing this concept. Responsive design is a way of putting together a website so it will automatically scale its content/ elements to match the viewport of the device it is being accessed on. For example, it prevents images from being larger than the screen width.

Ultimately, the goal is to avoid the resizing, scrolling, zooming or panning that occurs when sites are not optimized to different devices.
Responsive design also does away with the repetitiveness of having to design different websites for different devices. Now, only one website has to be designed to scale up or down automatically depending on the device it is viewed on.

Responsive design is much more encompassing and overall makes for a better user experience when using a website. It also exudes the aura of a professional business, individual, etc.

At the moment, in this “time” and “age”, responsive design is the way to go in order to broaden your reach and make your website accessible to most if not all.

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