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Franck Abgrall on April 25, 2019

“Write once, use everywhere”. I love this philosophy and I think this is the dream of every web developer: build an application that would be fully... [Read Full]
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Nice project (i mean it).

Bulma, Buefy is not an option as a default UI Kit?
Flexbox (Bulma, Buefy are built on top) is quite trendy, and for me, at least is the first option (sorry Bootstrap).

Nuxt.js, on the other hand, provide starters with Bulma, Buefy. :) Just saying.

Good luck!
I will keep my eye on your project.


With Progressive Web Apps or the web generally, it has the capability to load modules natively. How you do it is what matters.

For a Progressive Web Apps Development UI kit, read here something is coming up


Hi Sm0ke !

I'll check Buefy ;) If it's lightweight I'll consider adding it to bento-starter ;)

Thanks for your interest ! :D


Regarding your performance concern. I did some tests using bulma bundled with Gatsby & Nuxt. .. #nocomment from me regarding the speed:

nuxt-buefy - Lighthouse score > 90 - test

gatsby-bulma - Lighthouse score - 100 - test

Bulma, it's something IMHO :)

Great examples! You do have persuasion skills :)

Although the Gatsby icon being 21KB is unacceptable! You could compress it by at least 50%. Fifty percent!


this is great! thank you. question. all files goes to precache (as i saw in the repo)? i was wondering if we could just cache the app shell only and then dynamically cache other file when visited. thank you

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