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What percent of programming these days is consumed by working on the UI? With more powerful AI (e.g. chatbots, automated agents) the UI becomes nothing more than the results of what you wanted to have happen. With a lot of optimism, programming will be reduced to working on the algorithm. Possible?


This is what programming is all about. The rest is just clutter.

What people misunderstand about programming is thinking that it's hard because tools are hard. Nope, tools are managable and sometimes just great. Programming is hard, because people do not realise scope of implicit assumptions and decisions that are part of natural language, but are unacceptable for computers.

If a non-programmer wants a feature, he thinks about a happy path. Programmer needs to think about all paths and usually performs some kind of linearisation to avoid exponential explosion. This is the heart of programming skill. We might change our tools, abandon source code and use some user-friendly interface, but that decisions will still have to be made and so programmers will be needed for quite a long time (that is until "true AI" emerges).

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