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Discussion on: How I became a senior javascript developer with personal projects

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Marke'l Spellman

This is dope but scares me because I'm not this dedicated to coding.. dont get me wrong I love to code and have a passion project im slowly chipping away at but.. recreating tools seems so beneficial but not so interesting. What keeps you motivated ?

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Afonso Pacifer Author

My motivation to recreate tools comes first from my interest in learning. Okay, but to stay motivated, I show progress with friends or other developers
(in my case through tach talks about the concepts).

Another cool tip to keep you motivated is: “Use projects to create other projects”. For example, you can create your personal website using your new front-end library. This motivates a lot, for bug fixes or improvements, because you are the user and at the same time the maintainer of the dependencies.

In the end, having a good answer when someone asks, "What tool did you use to do this?" It's priceless and it's amazing <3