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Associate Android Certification (Android Core)

This is the official link from Google Certificate for Android core

The very good thing about building apps for the Android Framework is that it runs on any Android Device. Yes, you heard me right. Just a little background about Android. It wasn't developed initially by Google, it was bought by them in the year 2005. Now Android runs on mobile devices, wears, TVs and also cars.

So this section will focus on the following:

  • Overview of the 4 Android Architecture Components - Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers and lastly Content Providers.

  • Learning the difference between Toast and Snackbars. Not just what, but why and how.

  • Understanding Notifications in Android.

  • Localizing your app and lastly,

  • Schedule background task using JobScheduler.


I am writing this article, to help me grasp the concepts of what am learning.

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