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Using Google Search Engine Effectively

How effectively do we use Google Search, the simplest and still the most used product of Google, a giant company worth $103.761 billion, which started its life as a search engine and now serves the whole world in language?

Here are 10 steps you need to know to get the most out of this world wonder where we can find almost everything we are looking for.

1-) Use as narrow word groups as possible when searching

The best way to find what you are looking for is to search for what you are looking for in as clear and narrow word groups as possible.

For example, searching for network security instead of security, or digital marketing instead of marketing makes search results more specific and can help you find what you're looking for more easily.

For Example = digital Marketing / few words and keywords

2.Search only for important words, don't confuse your search with other words.

For example = restaurants nearby

3. Quotes (“”) are used for one-to-one teaching.
Google can also add its own forecasts or user trends to your searches. However, you can use quotation marks for the words or phrases you want to search exactly.

For Example = “CAR"

4- Search inside a site
Now, no matter how many sites have in-site search buttons, we may have to search from within a site on let Google. For this, we have to put the phrase "site" at the beginning of the site.

5- Search in URL.
With the phrase Inurl: you can only search in the URL.

6- Searching for a specific file
Filetype: You can search for a certain file type with the phrase.

7-Pay attention to the order of the words
How these words are arranged is as important as choosing the right words while searching. Since the results on Google will be completely related to the words you have written, it is necessary to choose the keywords in a way that will "point shoot" as much as possible.

When you search for a famous phrase or phrase on Google, it is necessary to pay attention to the order of the keywords as much as possible.

Search: People talk if they think less

More effective searching: The less one thinks, the more they speak.

Both yield results, but if you apply the logic of the second step, you will have applied a more efficient search method for more complex results.

8-Search with file tips
When searching for any topic, you can limit the results to a certain file type.
For example, when searching for an academic article, if you type "pdf" at the beginning, you will only find a list of pdf results.

Ideal search: pdf research methods

9-(+) Plus Sign (Keyword + keyword)
By searching in this way, you indicate to Google that you want to see all the keywords you type in the search result. It will not bring exact results to the search process, but you will only include your keywords.

Example: Career + Personal Development + News

10-(-) Minus Sign (Keyword – keyword)
unwanted words: If there is a word you do not want in the search result, you can remove it from the search result by putting a minus in front of it.

Example: Technology Article – Wikipedia

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