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re: Highlight text with HTML mark tag VIEW POST


Hooray for semantic tags! I have to say though, I've never been quite clear on when to use <mark> vs <em> vs <strong>. I guess <mark> is meant for cases where you're highlighting text for some reason other than emphasis, but it's not super clear


Yup, that's how I think of it too. Use <mark> to highlight text. But I get what you're saying. It can be confusing which appropriate tag to use in which case since it's always a bit subjective. I guess the way I approach it, don't overthink it too much and just pick the one that YOU think it's best. I know, it's not the best advice 😅 But know this, at least your site won't break if you accidentally use the wrong one. So pick one and if it doesn't seem right, always okay to change it 😆


I found this SO answer that I think gives a pretty good explanation of the semantic differences, though some examples would be helpful:

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