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SpotBugs v4.0.0 is out!

This week we've released SpotBugs v4.0.0.

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We've spent about a year to deliver this stable version, however, this version has less breaking changes. We removed only unused features based on this investigation. I wish you can enjoy the new version with fewer migration costs.

Note that default detectors in this version still has some problems around Java 9+, check related issues if you run SpotBugs for projects using Java 11, 14 or later. To avoid this problem, you can limit activated detectors by command line option.

We also provide the official migration guide. If you're SpotBugs plugin author, please check it to ease your migration.

BTW if you're using IntelliJ IDEA, watch this issue and contribute to help the SpotBugs-IDEA project. I'm not member of it, but it seems pretty cool.
And if you're using Gradle, watch this issue and help us to verify the experimental implementation. Current implementation has many problems, and it's quite hard to solve incrementally, so I started this project from scratch. It seems working and keep most of API, but we still need your contribution especially from Android project developers.

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