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re: Am I (not) a mid-level dev yet? VIEW POST


While this may have a local bias (germany), i think you overestimate

  • how much assessment recruiters actually do

If they look for "mid level", "full stack" whatever, they do so because that's the word their client used. If they have a good feeling, and you say you are, they check the box. And the feeling does not have to do anything with you actually beeing something, but with how presentable you are. They fear beeing embarassed, so a con man is better for them than a shy nerd.

  • how much words actually mean

It is totally irrelevant where I or anyone else draws the line for "mid level", "experienced", "creative", the interesting thing is, what the client thinks. If the client HAD a clear definition, the recruiter would have it, too. But it looks like he hasn't, so you can expect the client to don't know it either.

Your only way to find out is to actually HAVE an interview, and until then, given that nobody cares to provide clear definitions, it's totally fair to answer

"can you do X" with "yes, probably"


"on a scale from 0-10, how good are you" with "7"

Don't fall into the trap we nerds often do to rate yourself compared to the platonic ideal of "best". They don't need someone who wins fields medals. They need someone to code/architect/lead the team of a scrum app or equivalent.

You're probably qualified.

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