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Discussion on: Daily Challenge #80 - Longest Vowel Change

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Kerri Shotts

Here's mine... would have liked to use String.prototype.matchAll, but my JS engine didn't support it. So used a generator and Array.from instead. :-)

function *matchAll(str, re) {
    let match;
    do {
        match = re.exec(str);       // get the first match of the regular expession
        if (match) yield match;     // if we have one, yield it
    } while (match != null);        // keep going until no more matches

const getLongestSequence = (str, re) =>
    Array.from(matchAll(str, re))   // generators are iterable
         .map(([seq]) => seq)       // extract the string from the regex match result
         .reduce((longest, cur) => 
             cur.length > longest.length ? cur : longest    // keep track of longest
         , "");

const getLongestVowelSequence = str => 
    getLongestSequence(str, /[aeiou]+/gi);  // use vowels -- g = global; i = case insensitive

Full Gist:

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Kerri Shotts

Just noticed that the challenge is to return the length ;-) Oh well -- getLongestVowelSequence("codewarriors").length will do ;-)