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Changing career to become a web developer

I started DeveloperHabits to help myself and others improve their development skills and mindset. As we know, learning from others' experiences is one of the best ways to improve oneself.

I'm proud to share an interview I did with Adrian Twarog - a UI/UX designer and developer who amongst other things creates awesome content in Youtube.

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The thing about Adrian is that he hasn't always been a developer. In order to become one, he had to change his career.

In the video, we talk about changing career, the (un)necessity of higher degree, how to approach learning web development and what are the habits of a good developer.

The agenda for the video:

00:00 - Beginning

00:50 - Adrian's background

05:45 - University experience

11:15 - Changing career

18:35 - Learning web development

22:37 - Time management

26:45 - Keeping up with all the changes

32:10 - Youtube videos

36:20 - Advice for people wanting to jump into web development

39:50 - Qualities of a good developer

41:15 - Where to next?

42:05 - One habit that makes you a better developer

I really hope you like the content.

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