Discussion on: Case Study: Building a Component Library

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Kevin Julián Martínez Escobar

Hi! Nice post! Can I ask: How would you manage your fonts in the case you would not use FontAwesome? I mean, let's imagine if we have one .woff file, and one of the components uses it. How can we tell the client who uses the font that they need to serve this .woff file in their system? should we use a CDN for these font files or what would be the best option? Thanks!

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Kathryn Grayson Nanz Author

Hey there! Font Awesome actually has a somewhat misleading name – it's an icon font, so it only provides icons; it's not actually a font manager or standard text font.

We found this StackOverflow answer to be helpful when we tackled the issue: stackoverflow.com/a/47214228 Hopefully that's helpful in your situation as well!