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11/2 - DotnetCore masters

This week most of the talks from the Dutch Umbraco Festival DF21 were uploaded to youtube - if you fancy attending a virtual confrence, in your own time, they are well worth a watch.

My own personal dotnet core journey continues. This week I have been learning about custom middleware and content buffering. Mark Ashley Bell, has a good post on this. I particularly like the example of how to register the custom middleware for only some routes.

    ctx => ctx.Request.Path.StartsWithSegments("/home/withmodelbinding"),
    ab => ab.UseMiddleware<EnableRequestBodyBufferingMiddleware>()
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At some point i should probably write up how to then use a UmbracoPipelineFilter to do this in an Umbraco package without changing startup.cs - because at the moment the only results are those from me asking about it in forum post

Sometimes you start to answer a question on the forums and think, that should really be a blog post. I really should do that for this one to Owain about how I setup for package dev.

Looking for some unwind TV his week ? Lego Masters Australia is well worth a watch, it a bit like Lego Masters UK but its better, builds are bigger and the challenges are cooler. In the UK Season 2 is currently playing out on All4

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