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Kelvin Graddick
Kelvin Graddick

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Working on a hair professional mobile app (Xamarin, C#, PHP, MySQL)

Up late making great progress on a mobile app I’m working on called ‘Cut Corners’! I’m coding this in C# using the cross-platform Xamarin framework. Cut Corners helps potential clients find stylists in their area based on detailed criteria. 📲

To avoid reinventing the wheel, I’m forked a lot of the back-end/API logic from a previous/similar app I built. This consists of a MySQL database/tables and simple PHP scripts. The PHP scripts are basically endpoints that expose the data layer for querying and mutation.

Over the years I’ve learned that as a developer having some basic PhotoShop skills helps move things along when you don’t have the resources for a UI/UX. The owner provided the Cut Corners logo but I was able to modify it to work better in the app. I often use ‘Canva’ when I can instead of PhotoShop since it’s easier/free.

Can’t wait to get the next build out to the owner very soon...have to do a few things first:
· implement appointment and scheduling database tables
· code a PHP script/API endpoint for retrieving availability and booking appointments
· implement an availability schedule view and booking screen in the app

Let me know if you have any questions about the app, the technology used, or if you have any tips/feedback. 🔆

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mobile app sign-in
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