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Discussion on: Size matters - Image Compression with Lambda and S3

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This is a very nice and very detailed guide. I had to create something similar for my company's website a while ago and I wish I had something clear like this as a starting point.

My company also wanted to be able to responsively display different image sizes depending on the device's resolution (via srcset). We also wanted the ability to crop and rotate images while still maintaining the original image.
Originally I was doing something similar to this, except I was creating 4 differently sized images all at once, but that didn't give us enough flexibility as well as made changing the rotation/cropping later on trickier as we didn't want to upload another image to get the lambda trigger to activate again.

So I was inspired by cloudinary and imgix in particular to create something that would apply transformations to images on-the-fly depending on the URL.
It basically boiled down to using Cloudfront CDN as an endpoint that would call a Lambda@Edge Origin Response trigger which would in turn grab the image from S3, modify it with Sharp, and then store the new cropped image back into S3 [optional].

For example: is the original raw image.,0,100,100/q/80/r/90/test.jpg would crop it to 100x100, set the quality to 80%, and rotate it 90 degrees. All we do is store he original image name in our database as well as crop and rotation boundaries we get from an image uploading component and then it's easy to reconstruct the appropriate urls client-side.

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Aaron Garvey Author

Thanks Khauri!

That's a really neat process, and absolutely the next logical step for working with a much wider range of images than just simple avatar pics. I'm assuming this is something similar to what Next.js is currently doing in the background with their image optimization process, but it sounds like your setup may offer a lot more flexibility with cropping and rotation options as well. That's pretty awesome!