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The best long-brief history of database management systems! Ok, boomer.

Yesterday I published the article on Medium regarding DBMS history. The motivation was to gather information from different sources to get an all-in-one view about the past, the present and the future of database management in an article, not longer than 30 minutes of reading, but with as many details as possible. We needed a source like this for our job, but we failed to find a good one. Most of the articles we've seen were either too shallow and general or too long and specialized. So we decided to fill this gap. If you want to learn new facts about DBMS, welcome!

The article is a bit opinionated, is written with informal language, and probably have mistakes, so don't hesitate to criticize the boomer! And yeah, it's a free tier on Medium, so you will not see that awful paywall (well... at least until Medium decides to monetize a bit more 😁)

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