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Discussion on: Example SSG website performance results

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Zane Milakovic

I think the other comments are not worded the best to be constructive, but they are spot on.

Looking at Lighthouse scores is not a reflection of the SSG in most cases. There are exceptions, like how Gatsby ties itself to React and tries to solve some of the front end.

The reflection of Lighthouse scores is only the front end code. The raw HTML, CSS, etc.

It’s one thing to argue that the default output of the site meets these scores because of how it solves issues like ensuring preload links are setup, or applying async/defer.

But these are production sites with teams of engineers working to make the code the best they can. And a team of marketing looking for customizations, crazy designs, and more third party tracking software.

It’s a good study of who is doing what well. But it’s not more of a reflection of eleventy vs any other.

To compare SSG look at the compile speed, ability to partially generate. How easy is it to maintain? How many lines of code? Etc.

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Nebojsa Radakovic Author

Maybe my wording is off. The intention was not to compare them as in 'this over that' hence the meaning of "As you can see Eleventy, followed by Bridgetown, on average, has the best results" is not a conclusion (or intended as one) but merely stating the results.
And I totally agree with your point. Thx.