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Discussion on: How the Tech Industry Discourages Multi-Passionate Folks

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Zane Milakovic

Really great write up.

I agree with the hiring issue. As a people leader (always a developer) I look for practical skills that go beyond knowledge of a framework.

I get 10 year veterans that only know one framework. I get junior developers apply for senior roles, because that is what they were, at their previous job.

Safely it is the breath of skills that help.

We do give a technical exam. But it is the same one regardless if level. It is also done over the phone and in a collaborative code pen. And it focuses on practical every day skills.

Junior developers get through it with some communication and support. Mid level developers complete it. Senior developers offer advice to make our “app” better.

Long story short, I believe in rewarding the everyday skills. I also do this because I feel developers are historically bad at resumes. Too often people bloat the skills list, but don’t master any. Because they were stuck in the same tech stack for too long.