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Discussion on: What is the worst advice for the newbie?

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Zane Milakovic

I think one of the biggest mistakes that are made is learning a framework too early. So many kids do not understand the basics of CSS, HTML, or JS.

When I interview a entry level person and they only know React and bootstrap, it gives me a lot of concern. When you ask them to do something very simple and they can’t, it shows they don’t know the basics and never tried to learn them.

Some of the advice above is not that bad. CS Code is amazing, but there is a benefit for leavening to code correctly. For example candidates that use Prettier write ugly code. But someone that has more experience writes nice code. What does this matter? Because the tech stack, language, and standards can change. Knowing good core programming practices translate across multiple languages.

Bottom Line - everything changes soooooo fast. Prepare for change. It was only a few years ago Google was trying to replace JS with Dart for example. Before VS code, everyone was using Sublime, Atom or Webstorm. So even the tools change overnight.