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Discussion on: What's the Node framework landscape like?

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Zane Milakovic

I hate to say this, but Express is still stable and reliable. I feel it’s the framework I have used the longest without any major upgrades.

Micro, Polka, Hapi, Koa have been around, but the adoption is so small.

A few years ago it was bad practice to write the backend in TypeScript. Now it seems that is changing. I have seen dev servers run webpack or rollup before starting now. So bundling seems to be making its way to the backend as well.

SSR has gained a lot of popularity and is making a comeback after years of thick client only. Because of Next and Nuxt makes this so much more accessible, you are starting to see this more.

You are also seeing some of these frameworks handle what would typically be Express routes by having specific conventions for endpoints. Next has done both serverless and api conventions.

Deploying is also changing, with more technology pushing JAMStack, which is breaking down some of the old reliable Express servers into multiple Lambda functions.