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Discussion on: We live streamed for 14 hours from Bali for our v2.0 launch!

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Duy K. Bui • Edited

What can I say, let's see...

  1. Congrats on the successful launch
  2. Congrats on the successful live stream
  3. ... well I run out of social ethics... so here's what I really want to say:

"Dan had setup Zoom so that we would use James’ laptop to join the call to talk to our guests, and the streaming laptop would host the call so that it could be shared with the stream. This worked extremely well, and the audio was great for the viewers!"

This paragraph ☝ is the most important lesson I learned from your post :) Thank you πŸ™.

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Danielle Author

Thank you so much for reading! Super glad that you found something useful from our setup experiment :)

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