Building a kickass junior resume

Kim 🙃 on September 11, 2017

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Really well-done walkthrough Kim. I have been searching all over for something like this and it just really makes sense. What are your thoughts about how to deal with a hybrid-resume. I am changing careers from a 3d artist to a web developer and it's a catch-22 with having experience but not having the right experience. And thanks again for writing this.


Hi Andrew. A hybrid resume can be great! Your skills as a 3D artist are a huge asset to a developer position. You are a unicorn! Since you have designer skills and now developer skills. This makes you a very attractive candidate. I get what you mean but 'not having the right experience' but I do believe you're not at a downfall - just make sure to include your developer skills, no matter how small experience that may be, somewhere on the resume.. whether that is through code you've written and uploaded to GitHub, a current website they can go look at, etc. I hope to one day have more designer skills :) Thanks for reading and passing feedback/questions. I wish you luck, Cheers!


Good tips but badly formatted article. For the decent full stack resume template I would recommend to check the fullstackresume.com service where you could build your Full Stack Resume in less than 30 seconds. Instead of writing all the content by yourself the service will generate it for you based on your unique experience using the minimalistic A/B tested template I did used for years.


Hi Alex, this article is written for junior devs - not specific to any roles and meant to be taken with a grain of salt... if you have feedback on an article I'd kindly request pining me directly about it and not try to plug in your own service on my article. Thanks!


This will be my wireframe for making my CV/Resume great. I've been searching on how to make a resume like a wise developer. I'm a starter in the field focusing on web development. Thank you for posting this article.


Great article! Both template links at the end of the article don't seem to work


Thanks Jordan! <3

Also thank you for pointing out the broken links, not sure what was happening. I tried updating them, hope it's good now!


Very nice article! I wish I had read it before writing my resume, would have improved it a little


Good article, i can't seem to open neither of those links. Can you provide ones that work please? Thanks in advance

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