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Discussion on: Does your background make your work unique?

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Brian MacKay

Programming is an odd thing. Sometimes I wonder if it's actually a dysfunction that makes us able to sit in front of a screen and focus intensely on a problem for hours on end, often without much human interaction. Not very many people would be up for that.

I certainly have a mild obsessive streak, a monk-like ability to focus, a tendency to get lost in ideas or developing skills... I also know a few bright coders I've worked with were somewhere on the autism spectrum, and that seemed to somehow make them very well suited for the job, but in a different way.

I suspect patterns like these are fairly common. I'm sure there are more.

Whatever it is for each of us that makes the magic happen, it tends to come with quirks. I suppose I've found a niche for myself as someone who is a good developer and understands introverts and extroverts and likes quirky people (because I feel like I am somehow all three of those...), but who is also good at talking to people and can navigate the business side.

Well, whatever it is, it's working for us. :)