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Discussion on: Advice for a struggling bootcamp grad?

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William Britton

When I first started out I didn't have any bootcamp experience or a 4-year college degree, I self-taught myself Java and PHP and I only had a hand full of freelance work under my belt. But by the grace of God lol I was able to land a state job as a Junior Java Developer, it didn't pay much but I knew this was my foot in the door. Lucky for me it worked out, there was only one other Java Developer on the team, so I was able to learn a lot and get some good experience. After over a year of working at the State, I was able to land another job as a Full Stack Developer just based off my experience. The pay was better but still not where I really wanted it to be. After this, I was able to land a few more gigs but at companies that sucked.

From my experience when going after a good job that's is also offering great benefits and great pay they are going to want to see a degree no question. I have been turned down so many times and every time it was because of my education. I knew I had to change this, so I eventually went back to school to finish my 4-year degree. After 10 years, I feel great where I am now. I have my own team and a ton of responsibilities.

My advice is to start small, dont expect companies to roll out the red carpet for you. But keep applying someone will eventually bite. Never say Never, apply to jobs that you would not usually think about applying to. Get some experience in learning about application servers and server-side languages like C# or Java, these arent the COOL languages but these are languages that are mostly still in demand.

I am sorry this was kinda long but keep your spirits up I wish you good luck.