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Efficiently debug API use Fast Request in IntelliJ IDEA

Restful Fast Request is the IDEA version of Postman, it is a powerful restful api toolkit plugin which help you quickly generate url and params by exist method. Restful Fast Request = API debug tool + API manager tool + API search tool. It has a beautiful interface to compose requests, inspect server responses, store your api request and export api request.Plugin help you debug request just in IntelliJ IDEA frame.


  • Postman-like user interface
  • Generate url and parameters in one click
  • SearchEveryWhere support
  • APIs export to Postman
  • Send request to debug API
  • Send request and download
  • Domain customization and switching
  • Custom parameter parse
  • String generation strategy
  • Save api
  • Management API
  • One click navigate or run history save api to method
  • Api to curl
  • Built-in Json parameter editor
  • Automatically associate APIs to module groups
  • API navigate tree
  • Headers group
  • Swagger Parameter parsing support
  • Automatically generate descriptions for API fields
  • One click to generate API documentation
  • Single class API list preview

  • Api request

Api request

  • SearchEveryWhere


  • Api management

Api management

  • Api navigate

Api navigate

  • Api to postman

Api to postman

  • Api preview

api preview

More features please see

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