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I Wanted to Invite You to the Postman $100K API Hack

Postman is an essential tool in my API development toolbox. I enjoy using it as an API client to onboard, test, and integrate with APIs, but I am also increasingly using it to also develop and automate with API. Since the release of Postman public workspaces in November I have been captivated with exploring what is possible with Postman when working with different, but more specifically what is possible when you automate and orchestrate with different APIs in a public workspace with public APIs—the possibilities are endless. What is cool about all of this is that I get paid do to this, and now you can too as part of the Postman $100K API Hack.

To help bring attention what is possible on the Postman platform we are putting on a hack challenge for the next 30 days, encouraging developers to build something cool with Postman and any APIs they think are interesting, useful, or just cool. Here are the details:

Everyone who registers as part of the hack will get a limited-edition Postman API Hack T-shirt, but we have designated four levels of prizes to award developers who put Postman to work in the most innovative and interesting ways.

  • 1st Place, Intergalactic Grand Prize (1) - $25,000 USD awarded to the team with the best project
  • 2nd Place, Andromeda Prize (1) - $15,000 USD awarded to the team with the 2nd best project
  • 3rd Place, Nebula Prize (1) - $10,000 USD awarded to the team with the 3rd best project
  • Honorable Mention, Moonshot Prize (10) - $5,000 USD prize awarded to the next ten highest scoring entries following the Grand Prize, Andromeda Prize, and Nebula Prize

There are thirteen different ways you can get paid to build cool things with Postman, using any API you want, or series of APIs to design, integrate, automate, orchestrate, and build any API-driven solution you can think up—here is what you need to do to get involved with the hack.

To help get your imagination going we’ve posted some inspirational projects as part of the hack details. You can also find a list of 200+ workspaces for many different types of interesting APIs to help demonstrate what is possible when you use the right APIs. I’ll be helping judge the hack, so I can give you a little insight into what I will be looking for as part of the review process--I am looking for interesting usage of interesting APIs in a collaborative way. Meaning, spend the time to put just the right API or APIs to work in a way that delivers something useful or is just really cool. I am looking for developers to demonstrate they get APIs and they get Postman, and have done the hard work to solve a real world problem using APIs.

Alright, that is the scoop. I just wanted to invite you to our hack, and see what you can build. I am going to spend the next 30 days leading up to Postman Galaxy thinking about and talking about this hack. So, if you need any further inspiration or have questions about how to put the Postman feel free to reach out to me personally on Twitter at @apievangelist. I have a pretty deep knowledge of the different types of APIs available out there, and I enjoy pushing the limits of what is possible with the Postman platform. I am also not afraid to tell you your idea needs more work and point out the really interesting aspects of what you are building. So, consider this your official invitation to the hack, and to let you know I am here to help support you in your journey as you work to bring home one of the prizes. I look forward to seeing what you and your team builds, and having you part of the Galaxy conference in February.

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