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HotSpot - Offering people a warm Meal

HotSpot - Offering people a warm Meal



Here in Germany, the days become shorter and the nights longer and colder. Today again, I noticed that it gets very cold in the evening hours. People who don't have a warm home or a warm meal have it even harder.

This thought simply didn't let go of me on the cold way home. I asked myself, how can we create something together where many people can give other people shelter, joy and a smile in a warm place? The answer to this question is actually very simple, but I still needed the whole way home until it became completely clear to me.

Only together!

Exactly, because only if we all pull together can we make the world a better place.

Therefore I would like to call an official Open Sources Project into life which is about creating an app that runs both Android and IOS (I thought, that we could use use Flutter to get a Codebase from day one for every Platform) and can help people in any country in cold months.

Because nobody should fall asleep in such cold days and nights without something warm in their stomach.

Let's work together.. make sure that for everyone who lacks a meal, a meal can be given.

My ideas:

A Google Maps Map showing the opened "HotSpots". ( A HotSpot is only considered opened when at least 4 people have signed up for it. )

Before opening a HotSpot, certain criteria must be met:

  • at least four participants have agreed to participate 👨👨👧👧 (See FAQ)

  • Give the police in your area a hint that you are making a food/clothes/drink donation at "Place XXX". Best also with a time indication about the approximate/estimated duration.👮🏽👮🏽‍♀️🚔

  • Always opens a HotSpot only in spacious/clear and public places. 🌳

  • The dispensing of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. 🚫

Donations can only be deposited via a donation link in the app. (See FAQ)


Q: Why do you need at least four people to open a HotSpot?

A: It has the background that two people should stay on the scene and at least two more should go on the lookout for potentially needy people.

Q: Why shouldn't donations be accepted locally?

A: Often it is regulated in countries in such a way that one may collect donations in public places only then if one is an official organization or one possesses official permission of the city.


What do you think of my idea ?
Would you be able to inspire yourself for this project?

Should the project find further interested parties, I would provide the appropriate GitHub repository.

Thank you for reading and sorry if my English wasn’t that perfect. ☺️

**Looking forward to your feedback. Please feel free to write down your personal opinion and ideas of what could make this project even better. **

— to be continued.. —


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