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Discussion on: WebRTC and React-Native

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Lanre Adedara

Hi José, still facing this issue. Any help?

npx: installed 1 in 4.316s
Scanning for pods...

pod install
Analyzing dependencies
[!] CocoaPods could not find compatible versions for pod "react-native-webrtc":
In Podfile:
react-native-webrtc (from ../node_modules/react-native-webrtc)

Specs satisfying the react-native-webrtc (from../node_modules/react-native-webrtc) dependency were found, but they required a higher minimum deployment target.

Aborting run
An unexpected error was encountered. Please report it as a bug:
at CocoaPodsPackageManager._installAsync (/Users/user/.npm/_npx/24037/lib/node_modules/pod-install/build/index.js:2:76001)
at process._tickCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:68:7)