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Discussion on: Basic Javascript: Removing Duplicates from an Array

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Venkatesh KL

All the best with your learning @mshin1995 . Nice that you are looking for different approaches to solve the same problem, that's a pretty good way of learning good practices. I am saying this because, often I overlook a problem once it is solved. So, it is a very appreciable thing to solve it different ways.

All of that apart, I think Array's map function has a specific purpose. It is supposed to be used when we want to create a new array based on each value of an existing array. So, it may not be semantically good way to solve this. The other ones with the for loop, forEach and reduce are much better approaches.

I would say that once we understand the reasoning behind each utility that is provided by the js engines, we would actually find their purpose much clear. This won't help anyone initially, but in long run and to maintain long running processes, these things have a great impact.

All the best. Cheers :)