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Traditionally, Sitecore hasn’t been the easiest CMS to get into if you’re not working for a partner or with a client that has a Sitecore license already. Without a license, Sitecore won’t run and you’ll get a YSOD error screen. Also, getting the Sitecore CMS software isn’t the easiest either, as you need access to the website, which you get credentials for after completing Sitecore training (or completing the developer training).

That said, here are some resources to get going with:

  • Sitecore developer website – this is where you can download the software, with links to official documentation
  • Sitecore developer license – you can get a temporary 60-day license here, with one renewal, to help you get into the software
  • Sitecore Slack – a Slack devoted to Sitecore, with many channels for specializations; the link provides a form to request access
  • Sitecore StackExchange – a community Q&A frequented by many developers and Sitecore MVPs
  • Sitecore Helix – a set of development principles being adopted by many Sitecore developers

I’m not including any tools like Glass or Unicorn or TDS, since using those are driven more by a developer’s choice, or the team’s choice, or even a client’s choice. I have my preferences, or things I want to learn, but your mileage may vary as you get into things.

Anything else from a ground-up learning department? Please leave them in the comments!

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