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I have a DigitalOcean droplet running WireGuard. Costs $5 per month.

I run the WireGuard client on all my devices set to auto connect to it on all SSIDs except my home network.


  • It auto connects seamlessly away from home.
  • All traffic on all ports can be sent via my server.
  • I get a known (and consistent) external IP address when I’m on VPN. Means that I can protect services I use and still access them when out and about.
  • I have control of what the VPN server is logging.
  • It’s much faster than OpenVPN and other solutions.


  • It’s on me to set up the VPN server and keep it secure.
  • Because my IP external IP is consistent it could easily be traced back to me if big brother government wanted to find who it was.

I would love to find out more about this style of setup.

I personally use both Torguard and Windscribe VPN services.

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