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I am CSR to the bone. Offload as much work as possible to the client. Server is for data crud and security.

I know there are legit reasons for architecting SSR, but I've found in my teams it always comes from someone who doesn't have the ability or willingness to know and abuse the client to it's fullest extent.


I agree but sometimes it depends on what the application is. Hacking your way around SEO for CSR applications is a huge pain and demands way too much time and energy.

Times like these, you would want to just re-write the whole thing.


Having flashbacks to when I handled more e-commerce clients =) Google is getting better at crawling dynamic content. I always hated designing for SEO only to have to redesign for SEO when the rules changed.

At this point I only work enterprise. I can't honestly say I don't touch SSR code since a lot of time I am in legacy systems (old ASP, webforms). But I do tend to convert anything I touch =)

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