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Koichi Sasada
Koichi Sasada

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rstfilter VSCode extension for your new Ruby development experience

Today I released new VSCode extension Ruby's rstfilter extension.

This extension provides new Ruby development experience:

  • You can see the execution results line by line on the editor without launching a ruby command manually. You only need to start rstfilter command by Ctrl+Alt+S, and see the results of each lines and outputs on the bottom.

editor demo

  • You can see the expression results by hovering the mouse pointer on the expression.

hover demo

You don't need to write p/pp methods.
You don't need to use irb/pry REPL tools.
You only need to save the file and see the results immediately.

I hope it is useful for:

  • Ruby newbie who want to check the results frequently.
  • Test developers
  • Prototyping developers for apps/libs

For the libraries, the following traditional idiom can be used.

class XXX

if $0 == __FILE__
  # Try with XXX.
  # This test code will be ignored when the file is required.
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Enjoy your Ruby programming!

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Update: v0.0.2 changes the interface. Save doesn't kick the rstfilter but you need to run rstfilter explicitly by Ctrl+Alt+S. Please add Alt to your Ctrl-S saving :)

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